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Asphalt Sealcoating Syracuse

Earth Road Asphalt is the paving contractor to call for the best asphalt seal coating in Syracuse. More people choose Earth Road Asphalt because we do asphalt sealcoating the right way. Doing it the right way means that we use all of the best practices and protocols to ensure a safe, clean, and professional-looking sealcoat every time.

​As you should expect, Earth Road Asphalt has all of our trucks, equipment, tools, personnel, and gear to get any job done, large or small. Our experienced paving technicians can apply a flawless asphalt seal coating quickly, safely, efficiently, and without error. Plus, Earth Road Asphalt is fully licensed and insured in New York for our clients' protection. Choosing Earth Road Asphalt for asphalt sealcoating in Syracuse means you are in good hands.

How Earth Road Asphalt Applies Sealcoating in Syracuse

The first thing we do is trim the grass growing over the edges of the driveway or parking lot using weed eaters. The next step is to clean the driveways thoroughly. We have powerful blowers that can be used for basic surface cleaning. If the driveway is on a dirt road, or the driveway has never been seal coated before, the entire driveway will need to be power washed. Don't worry; we won't use your home's water supply to power wash your driveway. We have a power wash truck with 500 gallons of water and an industrial-strength powerwasher.

​Because asphalt sealers are designed to repel gasoline and oil spills, they won't bond, which means any existing spills will need to be cleaned first. For that, we use a hot water pressure washer and a little bit of Dawn dish soap.

Now that the driveway is thoroughly cleaned and dried, it's time to fill the cracks. For this task, Earth Road Asphalt can use crack sealant banders. In driveways and parking lots with more cracks, we can use a larger crack machine. To keep the truck tires from pulling out the new crack filler, we paint the surface with a little asphalt sealant.

The Most Important Step for Asphalt Sealcoating

The next step is to cut the driveway. This is where Earth Road Asphalt is miles, even oceans, apart from the other asphalt seal coating companies in Syracuse. Earth Road Asphalt is the cleanest and neatest asphalt seal coating company in Syracuse by far! We never get a drop of sealer where sealer doesn't belong. This makes Earth Road Asphalt the best choice in Syracuse for residential and commercial clients who value excellence and expect a perfect finish!

The Final Touches

Once the driveway has been thoroughly cleaned, the cracks are filled, and the driveway has been cut; it's time to spray it. The finished product is a nice, neat, and clean asphalt seal coating. Our team uses GMRS radios to coordinate each project flawlessly to maintain excellent communication on the job site.

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