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The finest Sealcoating in Syracuse NY


Earth Road, Inc. can help you extend the life of your parking lot with their Asphalt Sealcoating services. Asphalt parking lots and outdoor surfaces can crumble and crack over time, and we know how to protect asphalt from premature deterioration. We serve residential and commercial customers in Syracuse, NY. If you want to support the longevity and durability of the asphalt on your property, we'd love to show you what we can do for you.

The coating materials we use can keep asphalt flexible and prevent damage from oil and petroleum-based substances. We use products that provide a reliable driving surface and can restore the original beauty of your blacktop surface. If you want to reduce monthly maintenance tasks on your asphalt lot, our seal coating process could be the answer. We can cover these kinds of areas:


  • Entrance ramps

  • Highways

  • Roads

We recommend patching and repairs before applying Asphalt Sealcoating to your property. Contact us today to let us know you would like a job quote for your project. Earth Road, Inc. is a trusted paving contractor working in Syracuse, NY.


Asphalt surfaces will last quite some time just as they are, but by sealcoating them you can extend their life dramatically. Asphalt parking lots and outdoor surfaces can crumble and crack over time. For the best asphalt sealcoating Syracuse, NY has to offer, get in touch with Earth Road, Inc today.


The Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

Major factors in the reduction of lifespan in asphalt surfaces include age and exposure to harsh weather conditions. While Earth Road can provide asphalt mixes that are designed to withstand harsh weather, you might already have an asphalt surface that was not designed in the same way.

To combat this and extend the life of your asphalt surface, a sealcoating layer can be applied to protect the existing surface.

Damage can be caused by rain (or other water) seeping into small gaps within the asphalt. Cold weather will cause this water to freeze – part of the freezing process causes water to expand. This expansion happens below the surface of the asphalt, causing cracks, damage, and potholes to occur.

Repair and maintenance to the surface can fix all of these problems, but prevention is better than cure. A sealcoat will help to prevent ingress of water in the first place, meaning that your asphalt surface is unaffected by even the worst weather conditions.



Why Choose Us?

We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of asphalt installation, maintenance and repair. With our commitment to quality and constant investment in the latest technology, we are perfectly positioned to provide solutions to any problems you may encounter with your asphalt installations.

We understand how critical it is to protect your surfaces with sealcoating especially in Syracuse, NY, as the climate can often affect how long your asphalt will remain in pristine condition.

We offer cost-effective solutions and work quickly and efficiently, causing the minimum of disruption and the maximum benefit to all of our customers. There are no hidden extras, and our prices are always affordable.

All sizes of projects are taken on, no matter how small or large.

Earth Road, Inc. can help you extend the life of your parking lot with our Asphalt Sealcoating services.

The benefits of asphalt sealcoating include:

  • Looks Brand New

  • Longer Lasting

  • Better Looking

  • Good Investment

To protect your asphalt surfaces and ensure they last the longest amount of time possible, get in touch today to get an estimate. Your asphalt surfaces will thank you for it.