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Installing an asphalt driveway correctly the first time is going to determine whether your job lasts for a few years or whether it lasts a lifetime. Choosing Earth Road Asphalt virtually guarantees that your blacktop installation will last for many years to come. When you hire Earth Road Asphalt to do the job for you, you can trust that we will put our years of experience to the job with us.

Over the years, we've encountered a lot of driveways - thousands up thousands of them. We've seen some driveways that are 15 or 20-years-old and look brand new, the same as they did the day they were completed. On the other hand, we've seen some of the worst blacktop work imaginable! We've seen driveways less than a year old that is cracked and damaged and looks 15 to 20-years-old themselves. Many Syracuse homeowners have complained and sent us pictures of some of the worst driveways we've ever seen anywhere!

Indeed, homeowners in Syracuse, NY have lost several thousands of dollars by not choosing the right companies for blacktop. Don't waste your money on an inexperienced or fly by night contractor. Instead, call Earth Road Asphalt to install blacktop in Syracuse the right way.

Preparation for Blacktop in Syracuse

First, we must prepare the subgrade. Proper subgrade preparation is extremely important for a driveway that will last a lifetime. The better the subgrade preparation, the better the driveway. Still, the most important aspect of the grading process is the drainage plan. The soil should be excavated and fine-graded for proper water drainage. We want to make sure that two things happen here:

  1. The water runs away from the house or garage to avoid flooding and

  2. We also want to make sure that the water runs off of your asphalt

It is critical to avoid water pooling and water sitting on the surface of the asphalt to avoid blacktop failure and premature deterioration.

Materials such as rocks and gravel should be removed before grading and paving the driveway. A good rule of thumb is anything that moves beneath our feet should not be paved on and should be removed from the driveway prior to installing the blacktop. If the driveway consists of any soft or unstable material, such as clay, sand, or topsoil, this should be removed, and a strong base material like road base, recycled concrete, or limestone should be installed prior to installing your blacktop. This will help stabilize the subgrade and make the driveway much stronger and much more durable.

Should Long Driveways be Crowned?

Contrary to popular belief, long driveways should not be graded with a crown in them. Long driveways should be graded flat with a slight pitch to either side to get the water to run off of the surface of your blacktop. There is absolutely no advantage to crowning a long driveway. In fact, crowning can lead to premature deterioration and pavement failure.

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