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Bringing The Best Asphalt Milling Syracuse, New York Has To Offer. 

We can transform your old asphalt surface by recycling your materials. Our company recycles through our asphalt milling process and replaces your surface with fresh asphalt. 

Call us with any questions you may have about our asphalt milling process and services. 315-253-9060



Bringing Asphalt Back to Life

Asphalt milling is a process of restoring tired, worn-out asphalt surfaces and making them as good as new. Earth Road Inc. Asphalt supplies the best asphalt milling Syracuse, New York, has to offer.

The Milling Process

The process begins by removing the existing asphalt surface and exposing a flat surface underneath. The extracted old asphalt is then mixed with new asphalt and other ingredients to create a newly recycled asphalt, which is then laid over the flat surface.

This provides a fresh top layer for your surface that is as good as new. Your smooth, even, high-quality asphalt will be ready for the toughest action. You will be proud to show it off as one of the best-looking surfaces in Syracuse.

Why is Milling in Syracuse, NY, Beneficial?

Waste products are common in modern life, but there is no need to get rid of your existing asphalt surface completely. Recycling it into a new surface saves on resources and creates less waste, thereby improving what you already have and offering an environmental benefit too. If you want to improve your paved surface with the minimum of fuss as well as maximum impact, get in touch with us today.

Earth Road Inc. Asphalt is the Best Choice

With our dedication to our own education program and investment in the latest technology, our industry knowledge is second-to-none.

We will always get the job done for you quickly, efficiently, on time, and on budget. Proudly woman-owned and with 70 years of experience, our services are customized to each project. We pay attention to all the details that may have been missed in your planning process. If something is going to cause you a problem a little further down the line, we will spot it and advise you on how to proceed for the best possible outcome. Moreover, we are not tied to one particular product or supplier, and offer a wide range of services in related areas. This means we are perfectly placed to advise you on all aspects of paved surface repair, replacement, upgrades, and recycling. 


Earth Road Inc. Asphalt is always affordable. Call us today with any questions you may have about our asphalt milling process and other services. We are happy to discuss how we can help you recycle your existing surface and get it looking like new. Call now using this number: 315-253-9060, and thank you!

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