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Asphalt Striping Syracuse


One of the things that Earth Road Asphalt does before seal coating a parking lot is to put a piece of masking tape right where the stripe begins. This way, it's very easy for us to relocate the existing stripe. This way; whoever is going to be pushing the striping machine knows exactly where the old stripe was, and they can easily follow it. If you don't mark the lines before resurfacing a parking lot, you will end up with two different lines once the sealer starts to wear.

How We Restripe a Parking Lot in Syracuse

It's important that we put a chalk line on every stripe. Over time, the pavement will buckle and move, and if we are just striping over the old line, you're going to end up with crooked stripes.

Earth Road Asphalt will place a shingle at the end of every stripe. This way, we can start the machine on the shingle, and we won't end up with a little puddle, which is very unclean and unprofessional-looking. After restriping the parking lot, we'll take the shingle off, and we'll have a nice, straight square line every time.

Once we pull all of the shingles, all of our stripes will be perfectly straight and will line up exactly. One of the biggest problems people run into when they contract other companies for asphalt striping in Syracuse is that these companies don't use shingles. The result is different starting and ending points for each stripe, and often big blotches of paint at the beginning of the stripe where they started the striping machine.

Asphalt Striping a Brand New Parking Lot in Syracuse

For brand new parking lots, we all have the equipment and technology needed to mark your lines and paint them, including the Linelazer 3900. When working with a brand new parking lot, we essentially have a blank palette to draw on. So, we'll start with the back lines, which are typically 18'. We'll start at each end of the parking lot to square it off. We'll use a 300' tape measurer and mark off 9' widths starting on the 18' marks we made.

We'll make sure you end up with a perfectly striped parking lot. Contact Earth Road Asphalt today for a quote.

Our Asphalt Striping Services

Earth Road Asphalt provides asphalt striping for schools, government buildings, stores, malls, and other commercial properties. When done correctly, asphalt striping will improve the look and feel of your parking lot, and make it a safer, better functioning parking lot as well.

Hiring Earth Road Asphalt for asphalt striping in Syracuse is always a safe bet. In terms of experience alone, Earth Road Asphalt is cut from another cloth. We have decades of combined experience and all of the latest technology and machinery. We can save you money with competitive pricing and efficient practices. Contact Earth Road Asphalt today and ask to see examples of our previous projects.

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