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Stamped Asphalt

Earth Road Asphalt invites you to contact us if you are interested in stamped asphalt for your home or commercial property. No job is too small or too large for us. Earth Road Asphalt understands how the driveways and walkways on a property complement the landscape and exterior of a home or establishment. We can walk you through your options and customize a product specifically for your taste. Contact Earth Road Asphalt today, and share your vision with us.

Earth Road Asphalt is a professional decorative paver that offers a variety of practical asphalt solutions. We create distinctive driveways for distinctive homes.

Don't Overlook The Asphalt

Your property is like a blank canvas, and we can turn your asphalt paved surface into an artistic masterpiece. You can use your home to reflect your unique lifestyle and personality. Having stamped asphalt in your driveway or walkways is a simple, affordable, yet highly effective way of giving your home that unique look and feel that makes it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

Although it is often overlooked, your driveway may be the largest focal point of your home. Earth Road Asphalt can help you transform your home into something beautiful.

Should I Use Stamped Asphalt On My Property?

Stamped asphalt is both beautiful and affordable, in addition to being functional. It's not often that a homeowner can find all of these desirable traits in a single product. You can't go wrong with stamped asphalt. Regardless of what's on your property, we can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal, give your property its unique character and personality, and we can customize a product that is 100% unique to your property.

It's one thing to make something unattractive look beautiful, but it's extraordinary when we can create something unique from virtually nothing. Our stamped asphalt installations are some of the most affordable and attractive decorative pavement options available today.

Stamped Asphalt Is Popular

A company first created stamped asphalt in Vancouver, BC. The unique street print process and all of its variations can be found in cities around the world! Earth Road Asphalt can transform your asphalt into an authentic-looking brook, stone, or slate design. This innovative stamped asphalt technology is available to your home. How does it work? How does stamped asphalt differ from decorative products, such as brick, stone, slate, or decorative concrete?

How It Works

After preparing your asphalt, we will bring in a reciprocating infrared heater to heat your asphalt's surface. Once the asphalt has reached the right temperature, the heater is removed, and a custom-built template is placed over the area and vibrated into the soft surface, which systematically prints one section of asphalt a time. This will allow us to be much quicker and much more efficient when installing your decorative driveway.

When you contact Earth Road Asphalt, we will work closely with you to plan your project and find the exact patterns you want. Our technicians will closely guide you throughout the entire process. Contact Earth Road Asphalt to learn more.

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