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Asphalt driveway

Driveway Paving

Your driveway paving resources in Syracuse.


If you hire the Driveway Paving team at Earth Road Inc. Asphalt you will receive a reliably flat, sturdy surface that is ideal for parking cars, trucks, and RVs. Our company is an experienced paving contractor operating in Syracuse, NY. We can help our customers improve existing driveways or construct new driveway projects. We are pleased to provide consultations for your plans so that all preparations are handled in a timely way prior to the day of paving, such as required permits or road closures. Each customer with whom we work receives a competitive price for the completion of a superior job.

Exterior maintenance issues can become a nightmare if not addressed properly, and we are qualified to complete driveway updates for you. Our pavement technicians will complete the hard labor while you enjoy their handiwork. We will pay attention to each detail involved in creating a reliable surface for you and your guests to utilize. Our contractor is completely familiar with the paving process and can answer any questions you have about your driveway project. We can tackle paving jobs for all types of properties, including:

  • Commercial

  • Residential

  • Retail

No need to hesitate on getting started on your Driveway Paving project when we can get it completed for you. Call Earth Road Inc. Asphalt today to request a job estimate for your property in Syracuse, NY.

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