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Syracuse Paving


Earth Road Asphalt is the number one choice for Syracuse paving. Our team is highly experienced and provides top-notch services for our clients. We'll complement your schedule, and Earth Road Asphalt provides paving for Syracuse residences and commercial clients. Call us today for a free quote for your paving job. No project is too large or too small for us!

Should I Do it Myself?

The answer to this question in a word is "no." You may think that seems a little biased coming from a paving company. After all, "Surely they want to sell me their services," you may conclude. And while it is true that we would love to provide you with a bid for your Syracuse paving project, homeowners that try to do it themselves end up spending more money in the long run - lots more!

Some jobs are just better off left to the pros. If you are a handyman extraordinaire, paving is not something you should DIY. It is a time-consuming project that requires several people, and you must follow a specific process to the tee.

What if I Watch a YouTube Video?

Paving a driveway is not like washing your windows. Not only is paving a driveway require technical skill, but unlike window cleaning, there is no room for error with paving. But what if you need to fill in some cracks or holes? Still, an extensive process goes into these seemingly minor tasks. YouTube videos cannot replace the experience and expertise our Syracuse paving technicians bring to the job.

What if My Property is a Commercial Space?

It may be enticing to hire a local handyman to save a few hundred dollars for commercial clients, but in the end, it's going to cost you a lot more than that few hundred dollars you would save upfront. Plus, in a residential setting, the homeowner can live with the results of a mediocre paving job, even though they probably wouldn't like it. A higher standard of excellence is expected with a commercial property, and hiring a professional paver in Syracuse is highly recommended!

How Does a Professional Paver Save Me Money?

With a professional paving company on the job, such as Earth Road Asphalt, we will bring all of the right tools and equipment for your project in addition to the extensive experience and expertise we provide. Getting the job done right the first time means that you don't have to pay to have it done again. With a beautiful, clean, and proper pavement installation, you'll have a finish that will last for years.

Call Earth Road Asphalt

You can't go wrong when you hire Earth Road Asphalt. Call us for the best Syracuse paving. Feel free to ask for our personal and professional references, and you may also ask to see our portfolio. Earth Road Asphalt proudly stands by all of our work.

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