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Asphalt installation

The Markets We Service

Supplying the Highest Quality Asphalt Syracuse, New York has to Offer to the Following Markets:

  • Governments / Municipalities

  • Healthcare Facilities / Hospitals

  • Home Owner Associations

  • Religious Institutions

  • Restaurants

  • Schools / Universities

  • Shopping / Retail Centers

  • Stadiums / Sport Complexes

  • Theme Parks

  • Residential Areas

  • Businesses / Professional Services

  • Corporations / Industrial​ Areas

  • Hotels / Resorts

  • Property Management​ Companies

The Markets We Service

Earth Road Inc. Asphalt supplies the highest quality asphalt Syracuse, New York has to offer to the following markets.

Governments / Municipalities

Safe, durable road surfaces, asphalt milling, and parking lots are a primary concern for towns, cities, and states. We use the latest technology to ensure we provide superior surfaces for driving and parking in Syracuse.

Healthcare Facilities / Hospitals

A smooth, safe ride is important as are clearly marked parking lots. New installations, new and recycled surfaces, parking lot striping, and other services are requirements in the healthcare market.

Homeowner Associations / Residential Areas

Driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots are important for Homeowner Associations in New York. Keeping the neighborhood in an excellent and attractive condition is the aim of the residential market.

Religious Institutions

One thing that sets religious institutions apart from other markets is the number of visitors they get on a regular basis. It is important to have a level, smooth parking lot with very clear striping to ensure the safety and comfort of every generation that visits.


For many restaurants in Syracuse, NY first impressions are everything. A parking lot full of potholes may mean your potential customers choose not to enter your business and go someplace else. Your customers who find it difficult to get back to their vehicles safely after eating a meal may choose not to return. Parking lot asphalt milling, repaving, and stripe painting are pragmatic investments and will increase the welcoming factor and demonstrate how thoughtful your establishment appears to be.

Schools / Universities

On-campus roads and parking lots need to be as safe as possible on campuses. Clear striping delineating the number of vehicles allowed is just as important as good surfaces. Over time the number of students can increase, and parking lot expansions may be necessary. We can attend to all these needs and more.

Shopping Malls / Retail Centers / Stadiums / Sport Complexes / Theme Parks / Hotels / Resorts

All of these markets require large parking lots to allow for a maximum number of customers. Making parking as simple as possible for the greatest number of people is the goal.  With 75 years of experience, Earth Road Inc. Asphalt can assist you in effective planning and paving to optimize the parking area on your commercial property. 

Businesses / Professional Services / Corporations / Industrial Areas

As with many other markets, parking lots are an essential feature of these companies. Quality surfaces and clear parking lot striping make everything run smoothly. It is even more important if a business has many in-person visitors or involves a great number of deliveries and collections from large trucks on a regular basis.

Property Management Companies

Well-planned parking and well-marked stripes on smooth pavement help keep the surrounding landscapes intact. Property managers are looking at the overall land and buildings and want each part of the property maintained effectively.  Earth Road Inc. Asphalt is experienced in protecting lawn, landscaped areas, and buildings while working for you. We take planning and completing your project as seriously as you do and plan with you for the maintenance during the winter months as well.

Whatever market you are in, we can provide the services you need to ensure people can get to and from your location with ease. Call Earth Road Inc. Asphalt today to discuss your requirements.

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