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Preparing For Your Project With Earth Road Inc. Asphalt

An asphalt paving project is a major undertaking even if the area being paved is relatively small. Taking the time to plan is important for your project to succeed as well as to keep to your budget.

All of our customers have the same expectations – they expect their job to go smoothly. To make sure everything goes as expected, here are some things that need to be taken care of before work starts.


Plan Carefully

There is a reason you want to install asphalt paving in Syracuse, New York. To get the best results possible, you will have to think through all aspects of the project and then communicate your objective. Is this a new installation, or a repair and resurfacing job? Is it for a road surface or a parking lot? A well-crafted, clear goal is the foundation and will help ensure the success of the project.  


Two site maps make the process easier. The first map will show the area as it is now, and the second will show it as it will be when the work is completed (If this is an asphalt repair job only one map may be needed indicating the areas that need attention.).


When the work is to be completed in a public area, the map should include any nearby properties that may be affected by the work. Neighbors will need to be notified if the work requires access to their property to complete the job or if their own property access may be restricted for a certain amount of time.


If the work will require road closures or causes interference with public services, the appropriate authorities will need to be informed and the required permits will need to be obtained.


This does not need to happen until the plans have been finalized, but there may be serious implications if preliminary preparations based on the plans are not taken before the work commences.

Have Plan Approved By Us

While you know your objective, there may be physical or technical limitations that mean your plan will need modification. Our team of specialists in New York will check over your plan to ensure everything will happen as intended.


This process may involve one (or more) site visits to obtain accurate measurements and to check for any hazards. We will be able to help you revise your plans where necessary as well as confirm what permits you may require.


At this stage, we will be able to supply an estimate of the costs involved, as well as an indication of the amount of time it will take to complete the work. Asphalt paving in Syracuse is not always priced by the square yard. Preparatory and other work may be required first to provide the best surface upon which the new asphalt will be placed. To that end, you will need to follow through on any changes or recommendations we have made to your plan before we can begin work.


Earth Road Inc Asphalt aims to provide you with competitive prices. When you are happy with the plan and the pricing, we can begin work.


Prepare Area For Asphalt

The area must be clean and tidy before we begin or the job may be delayed due to the cleanup process necessary. Asphalt must be laid on a carefully prepared sublayer and any debris or unwanted items must be removed prior to work commencing.


Additionally, the required permits must have been obtained, and all notices to local residents affected by the work must have been delivered.


If the required permits are not obtained your job may have to be delayed or canceled as the permits are a legal requirement that we need in order to operate.


Day Of Installation

Our team will notify you of the time that they will arrive on-site and the proposed order of work. You must ensure that our team of Syracuse asphalt experts can gain access to the site. The team will then be able to take care of the job without further assistance. 


Please make sure that you have left contact details with the team should any issue arise. It is often the case that something minor will need confirming, but without the confirmation, we would be unable to proceed.

Best Syracuse Asphalt Paving 

The team at Earth Road Inc. Asphalt is highly experienced in all aspects of asphalt paving installation. We can be trusted to get the job done right for you. Our experience allows us to see potential issues and problems that other companies may miss, which lets us plan our work more efficiently and give you the best service possible.

Our results are second-to-none, and we look forward to working with you!

Call Earth Road Inc. Asphalt today to schedule an on-site appointment with our experienced Asphalt and Pavement Contractor.

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