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Paving Companies Syracuse, NY

Earth Road Asphalt has been one of the top paving companies in Syracuse, NY, for many years. We started in the residential field with the new generation, and we've since then broadened our services to include commercial and industrial customers. From traditional blacktop to stamped asphalt and a full suite of paving services, Earth Road Asphalt stands alone in terms of quality and affordability when compared to the rest of the paving companies in Syracuse, NY!

We Do it All

At Earth Road Asphalt, we do everything from roads to sidewalks to complexes for apartments, parking lots, walls, etc. From 1 yard of concrete to 100 yards of concrete, from one ton of asphalt to 50 tons of asphalt, there is no job too small or too big for Earth Road Asphalt! Over the years, we've been investing in our equipment and operations because this separates us from other paving companies in Syracuse, NY.

Let Us Bid Your Job

At Earth Road Asphalt, we don't rent any equipment or lease it - we own everything that we have, which allows us to provide a higher degree of client care and be more dependable. Dependability is essential for our clients, as they need to know that they have a reliable paving contractor who will do what they say. This means showing up on time, getting the work done promptly, and making ourselves available whenever a customer has a need or concern. We answer our phones right away. Our clients appreciate that you can get us on the phone 24/7 via text message, phone, or email.

Within a day or so, we'll be on your site, giving you a free estimate. We'll get all the specs for your job and prepare for it. We even have drones to get an aerial view of the property so we can show our clients just how we are going to go about completing their project. This provides a much more detailed visual demonstration. We will color coordinate the project, placing sections and phases.

Once the client gives us the okay to go ahead with the estimate, we will already have our plans prepared and get onsite at that time, getting to work and getting the job done. We also accommodate our clients' schedules, which can vary significantly from client to client. For example, they want us to get the paving done for most residential clients while they are at work during the day. However, a store parking lot that needs a facelift is open for business during the day, so night time is the only time when doing so makes sense. We help our residential clients avoid stress, intrusion, and inconvenience, and we help our commercial clients to open for business the next day like usual and keep their business rolling.

Expect the Best from Earth Road Asphalt

At Earth Road Asphalt, we understand that time is money, so we want to get in as quickly as possible and get your job done. Further, we'll get your job done promptly without cutting corners or sacrificing quality

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