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Asphalt Repairs in Cold Weather – What You Need To Know

Asphalt repairs are essential for ensuring the structural integrity of your asphalt surfaces. But can you do asphalt repairs in the winter? This is a common question among property owners because cold weather can affect the success of an asphalt repair job. In this blog, we’ll discuss why it is important to understand how cold temperatures can affect your asphalt work, and what you should consider when planning for asphalt repairs in the winter months.

Cold Weather Challenges for Asphalt Repairs

Cold weather presents several unique challenges for asphalt repair jobs. For example, cold temperatures mean that there is less time available for workers to complete asphalt repair jobs before they reach their curing time. Curing times become even more important if an area has experienced any freezing or thawing during the winter months. Additionally, extreme cold temperatures cause the ground to become more brittle, which means that it is more prone to cracking and other damage when worked on with heavy equipment like trucks and rollers. Finally, cold temperatures make it difficult for newly laid asphalt to bond properly with existing surfaces due to decreased flexibility of both materials at low temperatures.

When Is It OK To Repair Asphalt In The Winter?

Although there are some challenges associated with repairing asphalt during the colder months, it is not impossible to do so successfully. If you decide that you need to proceed with an asphalt repair job in the wintertime, here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

• Use quality materials such as hot mix or warm mix asphalt that have been designed specifically for use during colder conditions;

• Make sure your contractor uses a heated roller or vibratory roller so that newly laid pavement has enough compaction; and

• Have your contractor monitor curing times carefully to ensure that all curing requirements are met before applying additional layers of pavement.


Asphalt repairs are essential for keeping your surfaces strong and safe throughout the year—even during cold weather months! However, if you decide to undertake an asphalt repair job during colder periods, it is important to use quality materials designed specifically for use in such conditions, as well as taking extra care when dealing with compaction and curing times. By following these tips, you can ensure that your project will be successful no matter what season you choose!

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