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How to Protect Your Asphalt During the Winter Months

Asphalt is used for a variety of applications, from driveways and parking lots to pathways and roads. It is especially popular because it is durable and cost-effective. However, during the winter months asphalt can be vulnerable to damage due to the cold weather and snow. Knowing how to protect your asphalt during these colder months will help ensure that your driveway or parking lot stays in great condition all year round.

Steps for Protecting Asphalt in Winter

1. Sealcoat - Applying a sealcoat can help keep your asphalt protected from water damage over the winter months. Additionally, sealcoating helps fill small cracks in your asphalt that could become larger when the temperatures drop below freezing. If you are considering sealcoating, make sure you do it before winter sets in as applying it during cold weather can be ineffective since the sealant won’t adhere properly to the surface if temperatures are too low.

2. Keep Your Driveway Free of Debris - During winter storms, debris such as leaves and dirt can get mixed with snow and ice on your driveway which can further damage the surface of your asphalt when combined with salt or other chemicals used to melt snow and ice. Keeping your driveway free of debris will help prevent any additional damage caused by this combination of elements.

3. Avoid Using Salt - While salt or other chemicals may seem like an easy solution for melting snow or ice on your driveway, they can actually be quite damaging to your asphalt over time as they eat away at its surface causing cracks and potholes to form. Instead of using salt, try using sand, kitty litter, or even just a broom for removing snow and ice off of your driveway instead which will help avoid any potential damage caused by salt use over time.

Protecting your asphalt during the winter months is key for keeping it looking its best all year round! By following these tips—sealcoating before winter sets in, keeping debris off of the surface, and avoiding use of salt —you should be able to keep your driveway looking great no matter what Mother Nature throws at it! To learn more about how you can protect your asphalt surfaces this season contact us here at Metric Marketing today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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