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What is Stamped Asphalt?

At Earth Road We Use Ingenuity.

Stamped asphalt is a creative way to get a surface to look like you have spent a great deal on pavers, but you are actually installing stamped asphalt. It is a wonderful way to beautify your outdoor space and keep the budget where it should be. There are a number of drawbacks to hand-laid brick or stone. It is expensive because of the labor involved as well as the cost of the materials. Weeds can grow in-between the brick or stone causing a need for continual attention. In addition, the stones can become problematic for a snowplow if they are initially placed a bit unevenly or they shift over time. In contrast, stamped asphalt is one continuous piece of asphalt that is stamped with a template as well as a trim of your choice. It can be done on freshly paved driveways and walkways. Furthermore, various color pigments can be added to the surface of the asphalt to transform the project if desired. Because asphalt is more malleable than other materials such as stamped concrete, it will not crack with the frequency of those materials. Asphalt paving will only shift or move slightly with weather and temperature extremes. Stamped asphalt is a durable, high-performance product that can give your project a natural or decorative appearance. It is an innovative way to beautify your outdoor space and keep the cost to a minimum. Call for your quote today! 315-253-9060 Call for your quote today! 315-253-9060



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